Born in Durban South Africa, for as long as I can remember art has been part of my life. At the age of five I was putting my pictures up for sale on the sidewalk outside my parents apartment block and if I remember correctly I even sold a few.


It was at the Durban College of Art that I learned the fundamentals of drawing and design and though my major courses were in commercial art (design and advertising) as students, we were encouraged to dabble in all forms of creative expression. I did, and after graduating besides going into the advertising field I began to paint and experiment in various mediums, exhibiting in a variety of shows.


My 40-year career in advertising has been extremely educational. As an Art Director working on large international accounts, I hired all forms of top class creative talent and these people had a lot I could learn from. I discovered that whether it’s a painting, sculpture, illustration or film there are universal principles which dictate if a piece is compelling or not. Be it the subject, shape, proportion, color or light, every successful work of art has the element of tension and surprise.


My painting reflects my life experience: Time has taught me how much I love the ocean and the tropics and they are my main source of inspiration.


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